Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Beats and Music

For as long as I can remember, people have been asking me for "beats" so they could practice thier rhymes or make a demo. I'm so OG with it, i remember beating on cars in the hood, or walls in school while cats would rhyme and battle. When I got to NY at 20 yrs old, I had to make a decision as to what my life what be about, good or bad. Music was the only thing I thought I could pursue in life and at least ENJOY what I'm doing. So I learned to make beats and record.....and it seemed that no matter what I went through in NYC, music and my mission to BECOME someone that made it, never abandonded me, nor I it.


So while I'm trying to Become a musical artist from nothing, young people in Harlem would ask me for beats. Had a couple of records recorded that got some radio airplay on NYC's Hot 97...stuff like that.

Hung out at The Pit, a spot on 165th and Teller in the Bronx doin street demo's for the hood cats. Looking back it was kinda fun, my NYC years (except that whole marriage thing, another story)


But I ain't Puff Daddy. (He will always be Puffy to me!)

I get more satisfaction in HELPING would be artists DEVELOP into actual artists.


I like remaining true to the creative spirit.


I like coming together with people to actually MAKE SOMETHING UNIQUE, the very definition of creative artisrty. In doing so, if done to the best of our ability, progress, financial and otherwise, is sure to take care of itself.


So for those of you that are into being creative through music, I will continue to offer what I do in the for of beats. I'll only charge a couple of bucks for the download (those of you that really know me know that I'll probably send you one or two for free if you got skillz!) but the ringtones are free if you are into that kind of thing.


I will continue to make them and post them on my sites so that if anyone has the tiniest motivation to be creative, and they hear a track that I've done and like it, it can be downloaded and you can make your demo, write your song, do your dance routine in school, call your sons bluff when he talk about being a rapper but he just need beats, (LOL),


And i can continue to make them in a free and creative spirit knowing that someone, somewhere may be inspired to express themselves in a way they didn't know they could. 


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